What Makes People Buy?

why do people buy?

The psychology of the marketplace is simple. When you break down consumer purchasing motivation, we buy products for one of four reasons. So before you start building your product, take a moment to answer the question: what will motivate consumers to buy your product? Today I’m breaking down the four answers to the question “what makes people buy?” starting with the easiest to target. Continue reading

Marketing vs Product: Which One Wins?

marketing vs product

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the Dan Kennedy quote, “Spend 10% of time on product creation and 90% of time on marketing the product.” In the marketing world, there are two general lines of thinking. Some marketers believe a good product will perform well in the market regardless of strategy, while others are convinced a clever marketing strategy can overcome inherent product flaws. These two schools of thought have long been at war, but which one is right? Today I’m making the case that marketing strategy is more important than a perfect product! Continue reading

How to Build Your Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

When you’re working on creating the product you want to sell, knowing how you’ll sell is just as important as deciding what you’re going to sell. Last week we talked about why you need to have a marketing strategy first. This week, we’ll work on how to build that strategy by asking the four questions that are crucial to a solid plan. Continue reading