3 Ways to Build the Best Team for Your Goals

build the best team

Your team is more than just people; they are the flesh and blood, and the spirit of your business. From the ground up, your team partners with you day-in and day-out to make your business goals a reality. Logically, then, your business is only as strong as the strength of the team you put in place to run it. This is precisely why it’s so crucial for you to build the best team for your goals. So today I’m sharing these three tips for building your business dream team just the way you need it.

Who do you need?

Crafting the right team starts with determining what your goals are. You need to know what you want to accomplish in order to know who you need to help you get there. Even when you’re considering who to hire for the standard positions of legal, marketing, human resources and accounting, you need to think about what type of person in that role will best support your dream team. What characteristics should your team members share? What type of person will complement your style and drive? Start a list, and get thinking!

How do you get them?

Once you know the type of professionals you need to support your goals, you have to find them. You’ll want to start with the widest field of possibilities you can, and you have a few ways you can approach your hunt. Recruiters are an expensive but reliable choice. Broaden your field of candidates by looking into local job fairs, alumni resources and trustworthy job websites. LinkedIn can be a great resource if you have a good network there. If you are truly looking for the best candidates, you will definitely have to do some work!

What must you do to keep them?

After recruiting your perfect team, you need to support their cohesiveness and productivity. Your leadership will be crucial in fostering team chemistry over the long-term. That means laying the groundwork immediately and relentlessly fostering team chemistry. It also means providing excellent compensation packages, addressing problems immediately and supporting the personal goals of your team members. Create a positive environment of cooperation and accountability, and your team will come together as a formidable force.

The right team can be the difference between failure and success. Your product can be great, but you can’t do everything. Building your dream team is all about identifying what you need, recruiting the best people for your purpose and keeping them happy and productive.

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