For the Sake of Your Business, Do Less Better

Do Less Better

Less is indeed more—at least when it comes to your business infrastructure. Pursuing multiple projects is a very easy trap to fall into, becuase hedging your bets seems like the best way to ensure at least one victory. But working on too many profit centers at once spreads your focus and effort too thin. So what if you try to do less, and what if you do less better? Let’s take a second to talk about why doing less is actually the best plan of action for your business!

Do Less Better by Narrowing your Scope

Ever feel totally overwhelmed by just having too much to decide? We live in a world where the next best solution has always just arrived. Rather than trying to sell multiple products to multiple markets multiple ways, what if you started by selling one thing to one type of person in one way. When you can truly focus all your creativity and energy on supporting one product, you’re likely to find success faster. Efficiency, productivity and performance improve when you narrow your scope.

Trying to take on every market, product or expansion at once spreads your resources—including you—too thin.

Do Less Better by Shutting out Everything Extra

Many people call this “shiny object syndrome.” Systemizing your business with programs like the Entrepreneurial Operating System is the absolute best action you can take for success. Document how a business process should work, what tools are needed to make that happen and stick with it. If a process or tool isn’t working, do find a better one, but don’t change just because a new shiny object is available.

Do Less Better by Focusing on the Prize

Give your business an end goal, so you know what you’re working towards. This is another way to narrow your scope and does really help increase your chance of success. When every decision you make is in support of your end goal, your effort is concentrated. You’ll be more likely to achieve your objective quickly and with greater success than if your attention is divided.

As backwards as it sounds, doing less really does lead to doing better. Trying to take on every market, product or expansion at once spreads your resources—including you—too thin. You’ll end up with a big mess rather than a complete business. So get into the practice of tackling one thing at a time!

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