How EOS Changed Our Company (for the better!)

EOS Process

Welcome to the second post in my series on the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Last time I shared why we chose EOS, and this week I’m going to describe our experience as we put the EOS framework into practice. 

Implementation went great

Our first 90-minute meeting with our EOS Implementer was extremely informative and introduced us to how the EOS process would work going forward. Focus Day was where the real work started. We set up accountability charts that organized and clarified all company projects, and this is where we had our first revelations. We didn’t think the company had hit a ceiling—and we wanted to keep growing. On Focus Day, we realized there were a few things we needed to fix before we could even think about scaling. Using the EOS process, the problems were easy to identify and solve. On our two-day Vision Building session, we hammered out a one-year Plan, a three-year Picture and a 10-year Target. All in all, implementation went great and was very rewarding!

Traction is mounting

Traction is one of the Six Key Components of the EOS system and means instilling focus and accountability so that every team member is supporting the company vision every day. This is especially true when it comes to company leadership. Leadership must be living the core values of the organization and conveying them to the rest of the team. I’ve already begun to notice Traction building since we put EOS into place.

As we’ve gotten further along, inter-company communications have improved and increased. Trust between team members is a key component of EOS, and the facilitator is crucial to keeping our growth on track and establishing those sessions as a safe space. We’ll be holding quarterly sessions where we discuss the goals, achievements and issues we have, and we’re looking forward to help on this from our facilitator.

The company has blossomed

Since I’ve started learning the EOS system, I feel like every aspect of my professional life has run smoother. And I’ve noticed pieces of EOS slipping into life outside of work! Everyone seem happier, more driven and more focused. We finish projects faster and with fewer roadblocks than before. Accountability for everyone has been clarified, so we’ve all been more invested in the work. I’ll take this client’s post-EOS company over pre-EOS company any day of the week!

Hopefully our great experience has inspired you to start a conversation within your own company. The EOS system is so practical and universal I genuinely think any entrepreneur will benefit from putting these practices in place. If you’re struggling with expansion, or even just maintaining your growth, switching to EOS might just be your best option.

Need more info on the EOS system? Contact the team at C3!