EOS Key Components: Issues, Process and Traction

EOS Key Components

This week, we’re continuing to explore EOS key components. In my last article, we discussed the first three key components of the EOS model’s Six Key Components of Any Business™—Vision, People and Data—and how they relate to optimizing your company’s operations. This week, we’ll finish up the series by delving into a discussion of the final three key components: Issues, Process and Traction®. Ready? Let’s go!

EOS Key Component: Issues

In this phase, the EOS model gives you the common-sense task of taking the issues revealed during the process of working through the first three components and solving them permanently. Always going for the temporary solution is quick and easy, but if you never actually solve the problem, you weaken your business. Addressing Issues means setting up a problem-solving apparatus within your organization that tackles problems quickly and solves them for good.

EOS Key Component: Process

Process means creating systems that establish efficiency and clarity throughout the organization. You need to break down how tasks and projects are completed, and then formalize those steps. Not only is your resulting product better, but when you’re ready to grow, scaling up is much easier!

EOS Key Component: Traction®

Traction® is a key component of your business, because your ultimate goal is to have everyone in your company on the same page, executing your vision day-in and day-out. In this step, you’re all about the execution of goals built on the infrastructure of accountability and discipline you created in the first five steps.

Just like the first three EOS key components, these three each contribute a vital piece to the overall optimization: Issues allow for problems to be dealt with permanently, Process makes it so your company operates efficiently and Traction® provides tangible business results. With all six components in place, your business will be positioned to grow as much as you can handle!

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