EOS Key Components: Vision, People and Data

EOS Key Components

We’ve talked about how wonderful the EOS is for streamlining the operations of your business, but we didn’t talk about exactly how that works. The system accomplishes this feat by focusing in on and optimizing the Six Key Components of Any Business™. When you choose EOS, your implementer will walk you through the EOS key components but understanding a little bit about how each one works is helpful. The first three of the Six Key Components are Vision, People and Data.

EOS Key Component: Vision

Vision is a key component to your business, because everyone in your company has to understand where the business is going and how you’ll get there. Bringing Vision to your company means making sure all of your employees can articulate the company’s goals and how they’ll be accomplished. Each of the EOS key components are important, but you can’t move forward in any real way until you’ve addressed Vision!

EOS Key Component: People

You definitely won’t get anywhere without amazing employees supporting your vision. That’s why the second key component in EOS is People. Great people are necessary to make great companies, but having just one or two in your business isn’t enough. You need every position filled with staff who will carry out and support your vision. Only the synergy of these folks working together can produce the high level of success you’re aiming for.

EOS Key Component: Data

If you stripped your business down to the raw numbers, would you see what you expect? Data must be the third a key component of your business, because you need to know what your business looks like in numbers. An objective view of how your business is operating is necessary for you to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

In looking at the first three EOS key components, we clearly see how they set your company up for success: Vision gives your business goals to strive for, People in your company work to make these goals reality and Data gives you the information you need to make good decisions.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, where I’ll discuss and explain the next three key components of EOS!

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