Reconnecting With Your Passion for Your Business

Passion for your businessWhen you started your business, most likely you approached everything you did with wide-eyed enthusiasm and a passionate belief that you were going to change the world. Feeling this excitement and passion for your business is natural and important, because starting a new company, big or small, is a huge undertaking that ultimately will test the limits of your abilities, patience and endurance.

But if you’re like many business owners, after a while some of the shine wore off the penny. What was once an exhilarating day-to-day barrage of new experiences became a never-ending series of decisions, financial reports and the understandable desire for a clone. And the predictability of your email alert going off exactly when you set aside time to take a breather doesn’t help! Over time, mustering up the same level of passion for your business that once came so easily may seem impossible.

Ask Yourself Why You’ve Lost Your Passion for Your Business

When you’re feeling negatively toward your business, take some time to figure out why. After all, your business isn’t a person you can avoid or a monthly service you can simply cancel. Your business pays the bills and supports your family, so you need to repair your relationship—and rebuild your passion for your businessquickly!

Was your expectation that being the boss would be easy? Being responsible for an entire business, especially if it’s your only source of income, is stressful. Were you so focused on the excitement of getting to do what you love, that you didn’t realize the management side of business is the same no matter what field you’re in? These moments of disillusionment are tough, but part of the process of becoming a great business owner!

Think about when you were last happy with your business. What changed? Did you take on a new client who isn’t a good fit? Maybe you started offering a service that you’ve discovered you don’t actually enjoy. Did you get too caught up working in your business rather than on your business? You can certainly decide which tasks in your business inspire and invigorate you, but you can’t do it all.

The Past is Your Key to the Future

If you’re disenchanted with the amount of work and the return on investment you’re getting, remember those sunup to sundown days when your passion for your business was at its highest point. This is when every new project was a challenge worth taking, and every cent you took in was a reward on par with a fairytale chest of gold. How about when you spent hours and days fostering relationships and making sure that everything you created with your name on it was the absolute best it could be? Sometimes just reconnecting with that joy will renew your inspiration. And with this experience behind you, you’ll be better prepared in the approach you take to your business.

Take Some Time Off

Whether just one morning or a week, everyone needs a break. Carving out some time to let your creative side rest and rejuvenate is well worth it. Rather than pushing through for five hours of struggling to make your brain work, the benefit of taking one hour off first will undoubtedly improve the quality of what you do for the rest of the day.

Change Your Scenery

Rearranging, redecorating or reorganizing your office can solve a lack of inspiration. If you’re like me, you probably spend 10-14 hours a day at your desk, and the view gets a little stale after awhile. Shake things up in your environment, and you might find yourself refreshed as well!

Feeling like you’ve lost your passion for your business is natural. Taking a moment to isolate the problem and break your pattern of negativity will leave you feeling reconnected, reinvigorated and ready to move forward!


photo courtesy Kevin C. Norris


As a business owner herself, Kendra can relate to the challenges that face entrepreneurs and enjoys helping them develop programs that provide results. She has worked with numerous clients to create custom-designed programs that provide actionable, measurable information in areas such as training programs, sales materials, customer satisfaction and more. Kendra is a Certified Consultant in Product Creation, trained directly by Pam Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs – the best in the industry.