What’s So Important About Vision for your Business?

vision for your business

As we continue to explore the Entrepreneurial Operating System, I want to specifically talk about Vision for your business. There’s a reason Vision is the first of the EOS Key Components. Vision is about getting everyone in your organization on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there. But how does Vision work

Vision Keeps Everyone Focused

A vision statement helps everyone stay focused on the end goal for the company. When employees, your leadership team and even you, are clear on the Vision for your business and what you want to achieve, they become agents of change. Their daily decisions, that affect your overall business more than you think, are informed by the Vision. When everyone is focused on the same mission you are, their support can be the difference between success and failure.

Vision Creates a Positive Environment

A vision statement gives everyone a goal to work and grow towards. There is an environment of collaboration, because everyone is working together to achieve the same vision. Employees feel confident when they understand where they fit into the big picture. An explicit vision for your business fosters a positive environment for your employees to better themselves and your company each and every day.

Vision Ensures the Company Moves Forward

Perhaps the best result of having a clear vision for your business is that the future and how to make that future happen, is present. With everyone aware of and working toward a specific future, the likelihood of actually achieving success is much greater. And, most importantly, when your goal is public, you’re accountable to others. Accountability can be a great help to overcome roadblocks when they pop up!

Success requires many different pieces, but a Vision for your business has to be the foundation. While every company has to evolve and adapt to changes in the business world, a core vision will help guide your company through those transformations with less stress and chaos. When positivity, achievement and teamwork are the natural outcome to developing and sharing your vision for the business, why wouldn’t you take that step?

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