How to Get Your Painful Meetings Back on Track

how to have better meetings

Meetings: some of us love ‘em, but most of us hate ‘em. Whether it’s being forced to sit through meetings that have nothing to do with you, don’t move the project forward or never end, we’ve all been in meeting hell at one time or another. But with the right planning, these weekly workplace get-togethers don’t have to inspire moans and groans. With a few tweaks here and there, you can learn how to have better meetings. And your meetings can actually be valuable and productive! Continue reading

For the Sake of Your Business, Do Less Better

Do Less Better

Less is indeed more—at least when it comes to your business infrastructure. Pursuing multiple projects is a very easy trap to fall into, becuase hedging your bets seems like the best way to ensure at least one victory. But working on too many profit centers at once spreads your focus and effort too thin. So what if you try to do less, and what if you do less better? Let’s take a second to talk about why doing less is actually the best plan of action for your business! Continue reading

What’s So Important About Vision for your Business?

vision for your business

As we continue to explore the Entrepreneurial Operating System, I want to specifically talk about Vision for your business. There’s a reason Vision is the first of the EOS Key Components. Vision is about getting everyone in your organization on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there. But how does Vision workContinue reading

EOS Key Components: Issues, Process and Traction

EOS Key Components

This week, we’re continuing to explore EOS key components. In my last article, we discussed the first three key components of the EOS model’s Six Key Components of Any Business™—Vision, People and Data—and how they relate to optimizing your company’s operations. This week, we’ll finish up the series by delving into a discussion of the final three key components: Issues, Process and Traction®. Ready? Let’s go! Continue reading