For the Sake of Your Business, Do Less Better

Do Less Better

Less is indeed more—at least when it comes to your business infrastructure. Pursuing multiple projects is a very easy trap to fall into, becuase hedging your bets seems like the best way to ensure at least one victory. But working on too many profit centers at once spreads your focus and effort too thin. So what if you try to do less, and what if you do less better? Let’s take a second to talk about why doing less is actually the best plan of action for your business! Continue reading

4 Productivity Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Productivity ToolIn the business world, using productivity tools and business systems to stay organized is an absolute must. With so much information presenting itself and vying for your attention, finding ways to organize your day and keep moving forward can be difficult.

At C3, we love organization, streamlining processes and sharing that information with you! This week we’ve put together a list of four productivity tools that will keep you organized and ahead of the game. Continue reading

The Importance of Using Business Systems

business systems

As with any business, yours will be more successful if you have efficient, worthwhile business systems in place supporting the vision of what you want to accomplish. Finding helpful business systems can be difficult and require a period of trial and error, but once you find what works, stick with it! Don’t let yourself be distracted by every new shiny tool that comes along. If you do, you’ll find yourself paralyzed as you use all your energy and resources implementing system after system. Continue reading

Automating Your Business

automating your business

You may think you’ve been automating your business processes properly, but let’s try a thought exercise: Think about how long it takes to fill out a paper form, get it approved and forwarded to the appropriate destination. That may seem pretty simple, but if you multiply these actions by 100, with separate approval plans and different destinations, what was once a straightforward process is suddenly a nightmare of paper, logistics and potential mistakes. Even in a small company, these types of inefficient business practices can cost time, money and opportunities! This is why automating your business and using Process Documents is so important. Continue reading

Creating an Action Plan for the Future


action planFormer college basketball coach Bobby Knight once said, “Everybody wants to be on a winning team, but nobody wants to practice.”

Winning a championship means accolades, attention and the feeling of accomplishment. But even as you’re experiencing these great things, it doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Setting goals and milestones day after day, year after year is how you continue growing and achieving. Continue reading