Set SMART Goals for a SMART Future!


Goals are critical to our career and business success. They energize, motivate and inspire us to improve ourselves. Without them, we tend to flounder.

But goals can also be intimidating. At their core, goals are a measuring stick of our self-worth, causing anxiety and frustration if we feel we aren’t progressing quickly enough. So how do we set targets that galvanize rather than dishearten? Begin with setting goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Continue reading

The Power of Delegation

Does single-handed success really exist? When you acknowledge that you need help, allowing others into your business realm can help you propel your business forward with a clear direction. There is no shame in recognizing and asking for assistance, in fact, it could be essential to your business. Delegating responsibilities gives you the opportunity to rest your mind and let others free up your time.

In a time when the entrepreneur is king, and the virtual workforce is growing at an amazing rate. We’ve come to realize that going it alone is not only hindering our businesses, but harming our overall lives.

Let’s do a test…

Continue reading

The Two Best Tips Mike Koenigs Ever Taught Me

Mike Koenigs is such an inspiration to me.  If you don’t know much about him, he is a three-time #1 bestselling author, a very successful entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropist and is the CEO and founder of Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer.  He is the face for business marketing “how-to.” The things I have learned from this man I can apply and offer to all of you as my clients.

Over the years of attending seminars, events and reading his marketing materials I have come to learn a few very important tips that I would like to share with you. Continue reading

Do you attend Industry Events? – I’m still recovering

Yesterday I returned home from a live 3 day event for product creators and it is like an adrenaline rush for me. Nothing like surrounding yourself with like minded, action oriented people to keep you inspired.

My personal highlight was MR. MULE and his Tired Ass Ranch! He owns a mule ranch and was there to look at how he can leverage his expertise and help children with connection through working with his mules. Continue reading