Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Ideal Customer

You might be surprised to hear that choosing your ideal customer can actually be more important than developing your product. Without finding customers you like to work with and providing them with what they need, regardless of how amazing your product is, you won’t be very successful.

Who Do I Enjoy Working With?

Begin with thinking about professional experiences you’ve enjoyed. Your product will necessarily need to appeal to a particular type of person, so make sure that customer is someone you want to spend a lot of time thinking about and interacting with. Rather than pursue an audience you think will be lucrative, target an audience you already like. When your business is built to support clients who don’t excite you, you will eventually lose motivation for the hard work needed to build a business.

What Does My Ideal Customer Need?

When you’ve determined who you want to work with, it’s time to learn what they need. What are their challenges, and how can you provide the solution? Don’t focus on converting customers—focus on your ideal customer and their everyday problems. Create a product your ideal customer can’t say “no” to, and you won’t need to convince anyone to buy!

What Problem Do I Enjoy Solving?

When you’ve determined who your ideal client is, and what they need, make sure you actually connect with the product. Meeting demand cannot be the sole influence for your work. Providing a solution to your ideal client’s problem should be inspiring and fulfilling, not burdensome. Just as you want to work with an audience you enjoy, you want to sell a product you believe in.

This is your business and your product—you determine who you work with and what you sell. Figure out who your ideal customer is, what they need and how you can help. Your ideal customer is waiting, and the C3 team is here to support you!

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