How Setting a Word of the Year Can Help Product Creation

word of the year

What is a word of the year? The traditional New Year’s resolution has been going out of style for years, because they just don’t work. You can probably count the number of friends and family who stick with their annual resolutions on one hand. At this point, you’re almost expected to make a resolution and not follow through. But, focus, whether for yourself or your business, is important, and we need something to take the place of resolutions.

Enter the “Word of the Year!” Rather than concentrate on a specific goal you want to achieve or habit you want to break, set a word to define your year. Throughout the next 12 months, when you need to know what to do next, ask yourself what action will embody your word. I think the concept works well on the personal side of life and could be very helpful as you create your product. So, how do you put your word in place? Three simple steps!

Step 1: Pick a word based on your desired theme for the year

You’ll need to pick a word that will help you stay on track to create your product. Consider words like innovate, action or simplify, or even risk, progress or open. Whatever word you choose, just make sure it will help you stay focused on your product.

Step 2: Use your word to inspire you throughout the year

Once you’ve picked your word, follow-through is key. When you find yourself not knowing what to do next, revisit your word. Every time you make an important decision in your product creation process, circle back to your word. Ask yourself what action you can take now that will exemplify your word or if the decision you’re making is in line with the word you’ve chosen.

Step 3: Find a way to keep your word of the year present

Stay on track by keeping your word present. Hang a print-out in your office, write your word on sticky notes hidden around your workspace or set a daily alarm on your phone. Whatever you do, just make sure your word is visible and accessible!

In terms of your product creation process, picking a word to define your year provides focus and a framing strategy. So choose your word, stay on track and create your product!