4 Productivity Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Productivity ToolIn the business world, using productivity tools and business systems to stay organized is an absolute must. With so much information presenting itself and vying for your attention, finding ways to organize your day and keep moving forward can be difficult.

At C3, we love organization, streamlining processes and sharing that information with you! This week we’ve put together a list of four productivity tools that will keep you organized and ahead of the game.

Productivity Tool

Productivity Tool #1: Momentum

What do you see when you open a new browser tab? Is it the Google homepage? Or tiles of your most visited sites? While Google can be useful, it—and those tiles—can also be very distracting! Productivity tool, Momentum, a Chrome Extension, provides a clean, inspirational new tab experience that keeps you focused on the important tasks for your day. New tabs open with a high-res landscape photo, inspirational quote and optional items like to do’s, weather and links. Future updates will add functionality for easy, distraction-free access to the tools you use every day. Momentum will be a small but powerful change to your workflow that preserves your focus!

Productivity Tool #2: Online Cloud Storage

Productivity ToolIn the past, file sharing was limited to inter-office networks. These worked great until you found yourself outside the network with no way to access important files! Today this problem has been solved by cloud storage—a must have for every size business. Using a cloud-based service means that all you need is your device and a working internet connection to access you any file you need.

Secure services like BoxDropBox, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s Drive offer a limited amount of space for free in addition to paid options that provide virtually unlimited space in this new frontier of storage and file sharing.

Productivity Tool #3: EasilyDo

Productivity ToolConstantly trying out the latest productivity tools on your smartphone can actually be counterproductive, but EasilyDo is one app we highly recommend. This app is great for sorting through and serving up the action items you need to be working on next. It recognizes email with itineraries and automatically adds them to your calendar. EasilyDo also lets you know what traffic looks like heading to your next appointment—you can even send a message about your arrival time right from the app—and it connects with Waze for directions and traffic updates (which we love). In the pro version, EasilyDo recognizes new contacts from your email and syncs them to your contacts, so you don’t have to dig for that person’s email when you need it next. EasilyDo is a real time saver and a daily tool we love to use!

Productivity Tool #4: “Unless I Hear Differently”

Productivity ToolNot every life hack has to come in the form of a desktop or portable application. Sometimes a change of mindset is all that’s needed. In this case, Unless I Hear Differently is an approach to working with others that promotes action and eliminates downtime. By utilizing UIHD, you take ownership of your project and move it forward. Instead of saying, “I won’t continue until you tell me to” say “I’m going to continue on this path until you tell me to change it.” This saves time and frustration for everyone involved, and more often than not the right action is taken. It’s a simple idea that holds a lot of power.

These four systems will have a huge impact on your business without complicated implementations or large investments. Each is a tiny change that makes the complex business world we operate in just a little more organized.


photo credit: Sergey Nivens/Bigstock.com


As a business owner herself, Kendra can relate to the challenges that face entrepreneurs and enjoys helping them develop programs that provide results. She has worked with numerous clients to create custom-designed programs that provide actionable, measurable information in areas such as training programs, sales materials, customer satisfaction and more. Kendra is a Certified Consultant in Product Creation, trained directly by Pam Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs – the best in the industry.


Dropbox is fav productivity tool and would like to mention proofhub too. Which is another great tool if you need more advanced features.