The Importance of Using Business Systems

business systems

As with any business, yours will be more successful if you have efficient, worthwhile business systems in place supporting the vision of what you want to accomplish. Finding helpful business systems can be difficult and require a period of trial and error, but once you find what works, stick with it! Don’t let yourself be distracted by every new shiny tool that comes along. If you do, you’ll find yourself paralyzed as you use all your energy and resources implementing system after system.

The Sticking with it Approach

Don’t be too keen to toss out a business system you know works simply because the Next Big Thing has arrived. This, of course, seems obvious. But it’s surprisingly difficult to stick with this approach as we are inundated, day after day, with new and supposedly better ways of completing tasks. Whether it’s an innovative way to assign projects, parse e-mails or send newsletters, we are offered too many options in every area of our lives but especially for business systems. This paradox of choice leaves us at a standstill more often then it propels us forward.

The Perfect Business System?

Of course, if you do have a business system in place that isn’t working, or a tool that has changed and no longer functions as you need, throw it away and quickly move on. Don’t be afraid to replace a business system that doesn’t work just because another, possibly better, method may be difficult to get used to.

There is not one perfect system that fits every person and business. Each business has a unique culture and will use even the same tool differently. Finding a system that supports the way you actually do business rather than dictating how you should be working is key to both implementation, long-term use and, ultimately, your success.

How you use tools and business systems can be a significant predictor of success. Do understand the important role they play in your business, but don’t let them take over. Choose what you want to use and only make a change when a method is clearly no longer working.

Check back next week–I’ll be sharing some of my favorite business systems with you!

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As a business owner herself, Kendra can relate to the challenges that face entrepreneurs and enjoys helping them develop programs that provide results. She has worked with numerous clients to create custom-designed programs that provide actionable, measurable information in areas such as training programs, sales materials, customer satisfaction and more. Kendra is a Certified Consultant in Product Creation, trained directly by Pam Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs – the best in the industry.



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