Are you ready to start leveraging your time and create products that expand your reach, or maybe you’ve already started and have a product but looking to revamp or relaunch it to the marketplace. We have tools in place to help you get it done! Depending on the size of your project and budget we can work with you on all or some of the pieces that get you from idea to income. Here is an example of the services our team offers – from consulting through implementation:

Offer Creation

Determine your ideal customer and target market and craft an offer that sells. What is the unique value proposition of your product and who is it for?

Content Creation

Develop, structure and write the information that will make up the information product.

Product Creation

Taking your expertise (or the content already created) and turning it into a consumable product, in the form of a book, booklet, PDF, video, or audio.

Product Packaging / Delivery

Taking the finished product and packaging it for the customer: creating a DVD set, a CD set, a website, or books that will ultimately find themselves in the hands of your customers.

Product Launch

Setting up the sales machines and marketing machines that will facilitate a robust product launch.

Coaching & Consulting

Stay creative and excited about your business while alleviating overwhelm. Connect with other like minded business owners and get 1:1 consulting around what is working today.