Does Your Business Have a Purpose?

Business Purpose

Most businesses have a mission statement, and some even have vision or value statements. But despite the importance of defining a purpose for your business, few companies have developed business purpose statements. When you’re first starting your business, you may think these statements are just busy work or boilerplate items you need to stick on your website to be considered a “real” business. On the contrary, each one brings unique value to the foundation of your business, plays a specific role in how your company presents to the public and informs decisions for your business growth for years to come. Continue reading

How to Write Your Business Purpose Statement

Business Purpose Statement

In my last article, I talked about what a business purpose is and why this particular statement is so valuable for your business. Now that you know you need a business purpose statement, we can work on identifying your purpose and creating your own statement. I’ve even put together a worksheet that will help you write your statement that you can download here. Continue reading